It was a senior volleyball match and we were in 6th standard. Mr.Masalamani and Mr. Suresh( Chl house superintendent) were sitting on a bench closely behind us watching the game. They engaged us in a light conversation and asked “ hey new bees how do you cheer your house?” Other house guys answered and their attention was towards us;(1. We were in 2nd term and had realized by then our house had other priorities than Sports) there was a little silence and Mr. Suresh yelled in his accent “Merry Hoyasalites sir ivru!”.

I was just opening myself up to english then and couldn't catch the first word. I was like did he say Mary? St.Mary? or hindi word meri?. I was puzzled until we were to rehearse at House Party towards the end of the year. All I knew about house seniors was Mr. P M Ouseph was our senior house master, he made sure evening study hours were very serious. Quiz and swimming were his favorite competitions.

As I went onto higher classes I realized how he had set an environment in our house. His tall stature and demeanor had impact on all of us in hindsight. He talked English at the pace exactly what I wanted all others to be at. One can only awww at the way he balanced himself to capture our best moments; he encouraged us to have our own opinion/take in history and political classes and equally challenged us in evening football. As we reached 10th standard, we were the ones on his daily schedule for the most time. It was during this time I had chance to understand his lifestyle;

My context here is I was so influenced by him in directing our thought process to approach life, he could have thrown in that line at every inspiring house activity “ All this is possible by the grace of all mighty Jesus and surrender to him”. I retrospect now to appreciate what a man of values he was.

!!We are The Merry Hoysalites marching on to victory!!